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that's what she said
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Name of Commissioner: BlueCosplayAnge
Website/ gallery: Website gallery
Character commissioned and series/video game: Luppi (Bleach)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: None, haven't received it.
Timeline: I paid her May 25th, and she told me she could have it by Otakon (though expected to be done with it much earlier).
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: Hadn't heard of this girl before, but her gallery was pretty big and her stuff looked rather nice, so when she PMed me with a quote that sounded reasonable, I figured I'd go with it. At the time, since she said she had a lot of free time to make costumes, I mentioned that if she got it done by AMA (Jun 14th), I'd be totally grateful but I understood that was a very short time, so I totally understood if she couldn't, and I'd just wait to wear it at Otakon. She told me she would be finished with her other comissions in a couple days, so she'd give it a shot.

Time came for the convention, and I hadn't heard from her at all, so I figured she hadn't gotten it done, no big deal. Got home from the convention, still heard nothing. Ended up getting a little antsy (since she'd really given me the impression that it'd be a quick commission, and I wasn't hearing ANYTHING from her), and emailed her just asking if she'd started on it yet. She said she had, and she'd email progress pictures that day or the next day. Waited a few days, got nothing, emailed her again. She finally sent pictures of the pants, also saying she'd burned her hand, and as such had been slowed down a bit, but that she had the rest cut out and it'd be finished by the next day. I waited about a week after that with no response, emailed her again as the convention was fast approaching. She didn't email me back.

I PMed her on here, since she'd been signing on rather frequently but apparently ignoring my emails. She finally emailed me back then, saying that it was done and that she was just finishing up some seams & that she'd send pictures that night & ship it out the next day. (This was on the 9th). Never sent pictures. I PMed her yesterday (since, again, she'd been signing on but not replying to my emails or sending me any pictures) with a pretty nasty PM. She signed on tonight, didn't respond, email me back, OR send me pictures. I just sent her another PM about how she should at least have the decency to respond to her paying customers when their convention is 5 days away, pretty much. All throughout this time that she's not been responding or has been 'slowed down because of her burnt hand', she's been uploading photos of HER new costumes & props and such, so obviously that was a lie or over-exaggeration. At this moment, I would not recommend her to ANYONE. At this point, if she doesn't rush-ship my costume, it most likely won't arrive in time.

EDIT: Her 'husband' just responded to my PM, saying her mother had been in the hospital the past few days & that's why she hasn't shipped it out, but that he'd overnight it. We'll see if I actually get it or if that's just another excuse.

EDIT 2: Costume was received on time, but ended up being so inaccurate I had to do a LOT of work to it in one night before the convention.

Final Grade: F, may change if, I don't know, she actually responds to me or I get my costume. I honestly am considering taking her to court if I do not recieve it in time. :\ EDIT: Definitely F. Wouldn't recommend her at all.

EDIT: Starting on this page, she's replied in a very nasty way, including finally threatening to SUE ME FOR SLANDER FOR TALKING TO HER OTHER CUSTOMERS, LOL.
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