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fatalinjection: OMGZ!! I asked her for a commission as well but I didn't send the money since I wanted to see if she would respond frequently..the only time she responded was when she sent me her address to ship payment under her husbands name 0___0..after that I sent her a few e-mails but she never's a good thing my gut feeling told me otherwise... I do hope you at least receive it...I got scammed once & I never received any of the costume...she's still on the forums & goes under the name of chico here's her link:
apparently she's scammed several others here on the forums as well & on Gaia..she is still on the commissioner's thread so to everyone pls avoid her at all costs! my final grade to her is an F and if there was a grade any lower I would put that...I really hope you receive your costume in the end *crosses fingers* I really find the whole thing to be disgusting..I mean you offer your services & cheat honest ppl.. Why do this to ppl who are putting their complete trust in you & stealing their hard earned money..I really hope they're all punished in the end ><
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