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I should go to Otakon next year. Although, I'm scared to death of transporting my Rozalin costume on the plane. I think I'd have to get one of those hard carrying cases that are like a foot thick by three feet wide. @_@

And yeah. I suck at wigs. I'm soooo commissioning mine. @_@ I got an offer from someone to do it for like $110. She's going to make a mock up of the wig for free out of an old one she has lying around and is not planning on using. I asked her since she doesn't have anything demoing her ability to shape spikes. ^_^; Someone else quoted me for $200 for the wig, but I know she can do it and I've seen her work with spikes (she has an awesome sasuke wig in her gallery). I'm hoping the girl who offered to do it more cheaply can pull it off. XD
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