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Question: I have a costume in my gallery of Sora from KH2. When I went to search for it under "costumes" it did not show up. Any reason for that? Can I not see my own costume on the searches, or (what I'm more concerned about) can nobody see it because I'm doing something wrong? It shows up under my costume list but for whatever reason doesn't show up the search.

Also; under Album Admin is clearly says that my sora gallery is that of the costuming persuasion. When I click the drop bar it reads "**COSTUME: SORA." Yet these pictures have still yet to show up in my Sora costume folder. I'm thinking that the only reason my pictures don't show up in the search is because there are no pictures in the gallery of that costume. Though, it does have it's own respective section in my gallery. I don't understand why my Album Admin tells me those photos are allotted to my costume, when they quite clearly are not.

I'm only assuming this is why it's not showing up on the search.
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