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Character: Dietrich von Lohengrin (Trinity Blood)
Pieces: Base jacket


Timeline: Quote recieved June 4, Recieved July 24

Pros: I had heard some great things about Ajie on this board and I suck at uniforms, so I just had to get him to do my Dietrich outfit!
Where to start? As everyone with this commissioner has mentioned, everything was packed very nicely and securely.
To the jacket, my jaw nearly dropped when I saw how well it was made. It's fully lined, the buttons are fully functional (rather than the jacket closing with snaps/velcro), had shoulderpads sewn in, not a loose thread in sight, ironed crisply and was made with very sturdy and comfortable materials.
I paid $120 for the jacket (Which, for the quality, is a GREAT price), but in reality, I only paid $90 for the jacket, the rest is shipping. He sends the item by EMS so it gets to you within about 7 days rather than 20.
Three days before the deadline, he sent almost-finished pictures and I realized he followed my instructions for the length of the coat... a bit too closely. I measured long, just in case. I asked him to adjust it to a more accurate length and he still managed to finish in the time limit I really can't say enough how gorgeous the craftsmanship on this is. It's nicer than some of the department store jackets I own O_o
I was specific about the color of the trim and he followed through wonderfully with the silver.

This coat looks HOT.

Cons: Despite the awesomeness, I have to admit... There's some weird stuff going on with this jacket.

First has to deal with timing, not the item. However, I have to take some of the responsibility for not asking him to clarify. On the measurement form it stated "Date of finish and using it". I thought "Date of Using it" meant when we'd need it in our hands by. It was actually the date he'd FINISH it by. While not a huge problem, it did cause a few problems later down the line as I will note.

Now, this is the biggest structural problem and I kind of wonder how this happened. Looking at the reference pictures I sent him, Dietrich obviously has cuffs on his uniform. ( However, the uniform that I got... Has bell flare sleeves? Where the heck did that come from? It distressed me since I have to do some embroidery on the sleeve "cuff" and I'm not sure how that'll turn out on the rounded surface. It also shows my arm since it's so wide. This was a paid commission so I would have asked him to change it... If not for the time limit as noted above. I set the date for the 16th and needed it on the 28th. If it was to arrive on the 16th, I would've asked for a change. But timing was a bit too tight... Not cool.

Then there's the fitting... I even measured myself a little tight to make sure it'd be well-fitting. It came about a size/size and a half too large. Luckily the belt should help with that a little. Then the aforementioned bell part of the sleeve is very tight on my forearm. In normal use it's fine, but if I lift my arm too far it's uncomfortable.
Finally, the belt loops themselves... Now this made me laugh... The back two are fine, but the front two belt loops are 2 inches higher than the back ones. I begin to think they're ornamental rather than functional... It's an easy fix though.

To customer service, I was a little freaked out. It was only a 1.5 month commission, but I only recieved a status update when I requested it. That and, while he had all of the materials ordered in advance, I'm under the impression that he only worked on it about 5-7 days before the deadline seeing as I got my first progress pictures 3 days before the deadline and a finished picture the day he was supposed to send it out. If I had gotten anything sooner, I could've pointed out the sleeves >.<
The lack of contact was a little freaky, but questions were usually responded to promptly.

Final Comments: While I'm a little irked about the sleeves and timing, it doesn't get rid of the fact that this is a VERY well made costume and the price was good. Minus the sleeves and minor details, this is A+ work. But again, it's the details that are the problem >.<

Final Grade: A-

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