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Human Go

Character: Guy Cecil (Tales of the Abyss)
Pieces: Shirt, Vest, Belts, Pants, Boot Covers, Neclace, Gloves

None yet, broken camera
Timeline: Bought June 4, Recieved July 25 (after fixes)
Not going to do a PROS or CONS thing, just a comment thing since this is a weird situation.

Comments: I ordered from Human Go before and they did a FANTASTIC job. So I thought I'd go through them again for this costume. I did the whole process thing blahblahblah. Communication was frequent, though the english wasn't exactly great. So I recieve the package. It's packaged nicely. I take it out and I'm automatically impressed with the craftsmanship. Everything is done perfectly. So, I try it on-- ...It's WAY to small. It hurts when I put it on. So I contact her. She says she'll remake it for me for $40 *sigh* okay, I need this costume so I'll do it. I wait, and wait, and wait. I think she thought that I'd forget about it. She stopped responding to e-mails... THEN I threatened to do a paypal dispute and she automatically replied. BIG SURPRISE. So she sends the costume. I recieve the re-send today... Ugh. It looks like SHIT. The pants look cheaply store-bought. The blouse isn't accurate, AT ALL. I literally have to sew some details onto it because they sent me a plain long-sleeved shirt with no details. The gloves have no border details like the original. The boot cover fits worse than the first one, and some parts were missing. I am not pleased. But at least it fits.

Final Grade: C-
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