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Originally Posted by greydragon View Post
I've had the "Complete Guide to Sewing" (by Reader's Digest) for several years, and it's helped me out of a few binds.
Oh cool. I just picked that book up from a thrift store about three weeks ago. It looks very useful, I'm sure it'll come in handy someday.

That very same day I also bought "Sewing Made Easy" by Dorothy Sara w/revisions by Irene Gora. It covers basically everything you need to know:

patterns, altering, handling, lining, seams, pleats, collars, sleeves, buttonholes, zippers, pockets, ruffles, oh so many wonderful tips,

it's a handy book to have around. I'll be needing it.

-edit- I should mention the copyright date is 1969. :P
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