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Hmmm... stickying this would be very helpful, indeed..
I bought in the spring season a White brand sewing machine (haven't got the model off the top of my head but I'll edit with it), that was luckily very cheap because the JoAnn's near me was going out of business (unfortunately). However, me being the genius I am, that illustrations in the booklet are about as useful as if a chimpanzee drew them and I've never threaded a bobbin before, and don't know how! ^^; So I haven't actually /used/ it yet... (If anyone would like to point me in the way of an 'Idiot's Guide To Bobbin Threading', please do!)
But are Whites known as being a particularly good brand? I had my suspicions that there was a reason it was one of the only machines left in the store at the clearence... :/ Hmm..
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