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This is not a book persay... however I swear by threads magize. Articles are aviable online at I can not say how many valuable articles I have found with various obscure construction methods. They usually have sections devoted to making patterns with vintage garments. Sleeve construction from the 50's and 60's has been incredibly helpful when dealing with cosplays that have sleeves that are found on no aviable patterns.

Also Sewstylish is another incredibly helpful resouce. Also aviable online at (it automically redirects you to the blog) This one has a free newsletter full of helpful tips and is a new publication done by threads. Recent articles include fabric painting and stencling. Also how to make so really cool effects with different fabrics.

I believe it is threads that also has a tutorial on how to make a dress form that perfectly fits you. I can not tell you how valuable I find these web sites.

Did I mention they are free?
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