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Originally Posted by Pocketfightr View Post
I have a White machine. (I can't remember the model #, I'll get it later.) My parents bought it for me for Christmas 2005... so I can't really say how well it faces the test of time. It seems to be pretty good but I haven't put any crazy materials through it yet.

I will definitely second the manual being horrible when it comes to pictures. I had no clue how to thread the bobbin, as my parents uber old Singer fed down below, not on top like this one... fortunately I had a friend who I knew had a machine that fed the bobbin on top. (Plus since my folk bought the machine at JoAnns, I was able to take their new machine owner class for free... which was the only way I could learn how to use the buttonhole fuction, as the manual was again confusing and worthless.)
Exactly- I swear, I could probably draw better guides if I knew HOW to thread/use the damn thing! I'm not sure if my cousin, who I've been meaning to ask for help but consistantly forgetting to, has a top or bottom feeding machine either, so if she doesn't know what to do I'm really screwed D< I bought mine at JoAnn's too, but, of course that was because they were going out of business so I can't exactly take a class on it 9.9; ah well.
Oh, and the model I have is the W450.
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