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For kimono-related information, The Book of Kimono by Norio Yamanaka is invaluabe. Not only is the information about the history behind japanese clothing fascinating, it has a ton of practical information on obis (types, knots, instructions on how to tie, plus tons of color pictures), the kimono types themselves, and complete step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to correctly wear the kimono + undergarments. It also talks about the accessories that you'll need, which some websites gloss over.

While I'm all for internet research, I always pull this book out when I'm dressing in kimono, because its complete and accurate at the same time.

... I also tend to collect sewing books from used book stores. Although some of the information is the same, a lot of the older books will have historic techniques which aren't as popular today, but might help with a particular technique.
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