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Originally Posted by AkuseruRokusesu View Post
Name of Commissioner: Tenshinoitami
Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Fai D Flowright [Shirt only]

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: [Will come soon]

Timeline: 3 weeks

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:

Okay. At first, I was scammed by Blaandy... so I rushed around to find a commissioner... Luckily, I found one, Tenshinoitami. She was very kind to me at first and she was willing to take the timeline that I set down. I had the commission started before the 4th and it was mailed to me Monday July 16th.

I gave her the same measurements that I gave to Nugrosjp. [Love that commissioner!]. When the deadline came, she sent the package to me. [I just received it today] and I opened it up to find that:

1. The shirt is WAAAAY too short in the front. It's supposed to stop at the waist, not above the navel.
2. There were supposed to be gloves. There aren't any.
3. Everything is the right color, but it doesn't fit AT ALL across the chest and back...
4. The zipper gets stuck.
5. I was hoping for a better fabric... It feels... very stiff.
6. The collar is too tight. I think I nearly suffocated. ^^;;
7. The sleeves are HUGE. OO;

This costume would be better for a boy my age who was 3 times skinner and had his head turned around on his body. ^^;;
I do appreciate and understand that this was a rushed commission, but I wonder if the commissioner saw the reference pictures close enough.

Final Grade: D. so now I have to scrap Fai for Otakon and start over for AUSA.
First off I would like to say I would have liked it if you told me so I could take it back and FIX IT, which I would have gladly done.
I told you first off before you even paid me that I would not do the gloves.
I asked you how long you wanted the top for the neck down and you said 13inches, I even extended the top at least an inch because 13inches seemed too short.
I dont know why the zipper gets stuck, I slid it fine a few times.
I will say that I am not used to sewing for bigger people but I did measure the top multiple times to make sure it would fit, in fact it was 4" too big following the pattern I used and took it in some (notice the darts) so it would MATCH YOUR MEASUREMENTS, in fact I think there was a inch or so more than the measurements you gave me.
The fabric I used may have felt "stiff" because its a heavier weight, it was a good fabric, not cheap.
I dont have the time right now seeing as school is starting but I would be willing to work with you on fixing it as I do not like people being unhappy with my work.
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