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Posting in a thread needs approval first or I made a post and I can't find it afterwards:
It is possible you are getting caught in the spam filter for new accounts. It is catching about 99% of the spam (spam reports have gone from about 30-40 per day to almost zero), but also catching a few valid posts. The mods have to manually check through them and see what's spam and what's not so please be patient if you can't find a post you made.
Hi! My sister posted a reply (it wasn't a new thread, just a reply to introduce herself in the Spanish sub-forum) about 2-3 days ago, it was her first post so it needs to be approved, but it was more than 2 days ago and it doesn't show up yet, is that normal? (I know that mods are often busy and so on, but she's feeling a bit upset she can't take part in the forums yet ^_^U) Thanks!
(her username is Alex Dino, in case it helps)

Also, another question. I know we're only allowed to post a 200x200 crop of our cosplay pics as our costume avatars, but what about people who have pics of the character or fanart for their "in progress" costumes? Is that allowed, or should we use no avatar until our costume is finished?

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