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Name of Commissioner: qqcosplay


Character commissioned and series/video game: Suiguintou from Rozen Maiden

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item

Timeline: About six weeks (exact dates escape me)

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
The costume is gorgeous. The underdress is made out of a satiny material that really makes it stand out from behind the overskirt and bodice. It fits beautifully, and the material of the overskirt and bodice is just heavy enough that it drapes nicely, even over a fat figure like mine. I adore the outfit, as you can probably tell from the quantity of photos, lol. The price was good, too - $125 for the dress, skirt, bodice, headpiece, neckpiece and crinoline (I wasn't even expecting to receive a crinoline at all!). And they were very understanding with my stupidity with paypal the day I went to pay them.

Was packaged beautifully on arrival, nothing damaged, lost or even wrinkled. This outfit *travels*.

I was getting a bit worried about the timeline, as I had used them before to buy a Seigaku and Hyotei uniform from Prince of Tennis, and I received both in under 3 weeks. Sui, however, was a custom job so maybe that explains the delay.

The colour is a tiny bit off, as Sui's dress is actually purple rather than the navy I was given, but I rather like it this way. The roses are too big, but I think that adds to the whole "Sui is a doll" thing.

Final Grade:
A-, as the costume is extremely well made and has stood up to travelling back and forth to Otakon, as well as being worn at least four times for photoshoots or conventions. I've only had to clip the occasional loose thread. I will be using them again in the future!
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