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Name: Cosplay Garden W or Cosplay Wei Wei


Commission: Etna Disgaea 2 wig ( )

I don't have pictures of the wig, my digital camra is screwing with me XD

Pros: She or he's pretty nice and easy to get along with.

Cons: The wig looks NOTHING like what it was to be expected.


I browsed threw her gallery and feedback and she seemed really skilled at anything she touched so back in July I ask if she thinks she can make me an Etna wig. Well she said yes she could do it so I payed her the money and began my wait. When it arrived it came A blonde wig dyed orange. The pig tails were held together with rubber bands and it wasn't parted like a pig tailed wig should be. The spikes were made with using the super glue that school kids use, they wern't sturdy or accurate. I did get really angry with her/him and I admit I sent her a little bit a of rude complaint that she wouldn't send me an actual picture of the finished wig so I had to throw it away. (I don't think she/he gives any refunds)I was so upset because now, The con is in a month, and I don't have the money to get all the things I need to make my own wig (Along with the area space) done.

Final Grade: F

Trust me, you don't wanna commission ANY kind of wig from her/him.
Dude... Who are you again?

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