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Originally Posted by Angel of Cruxis View Post
Oooh... I just asked my dad about the ReCon in Preston. Preston is about an hour away from where I live so I'm considering it? I'm gonna ask my parents about it and hopefully go along with my cosplay group (FFExpoClan). I'll probably be going as Sheena from Tales of Symphonia if I end up going, as I'll be wearing that for the Midlands Expo that weekend. I'll have to make sure it's comfy =)

Just a question though. It says on the website that tickets are 1 - Can you buy them on the day or do you need to go to the shop beforehand and buy tickets then? If anyone knows can you tell me so I can sort out arrangements to go down there~ ^^
As far as I know, you can pre-buy tickets before the day comes, which Ill have to do soon if Im gonna go. Still aint sure if I can get a ride or not
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