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Originally Posted by Vash_Fanatic View Post
I think I qualify. Check out my gallery.. xD

Proud of my Urahara crossplay!
Vash_Fanatic, you are without a doubt the most convincing crossplayer I've ever seen. In fact, if you hadn't listed the Urahara as your crossplay, I would have thought you were a guy crossplaying the other costumes in your gallery. Seriously, great job.

People constantly think I'm a guy from my gallery but rarely think that when they meet me. lol

*Proud member of The No Life Kings Cosplay Group*

The last cosplays to do:

Hollow Bankai alter Ichigo (Bleach) - Anime Vegas
Shuhei Hisagi (Bleach) - Anime Vegas
Chapter 93 Dark Walter - Anime Vegas
manga HC-IIIV (Trinity Blood) - Nan Desu Kan
Hatori Sohma (Fruits Basket) - Nan Desu Kan
Mika (Angel Sanctuary) - Nan Desu Kan
Chapter 222 Hollow Ichigo (Bleach) - photoshoot only
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