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Originally Posted by Riley View Post
I think I got that androgynous look~

Anywho, here's a pic for those that wanna see =3
You really could pull off a female cosplay! But on the male front, you'd make a great walter sullivan (silent hill 4). You have the hair (except yours is cleaner!).

I'm extremely androgenous looking in every way except my massive boobs and voice. I'm actually planning to get surgery to get rid of the chest, and just pass as a male all the time. So I am -constantly- called 'sir', when I'm standing at an angle that hides my chest and then the person addressing me freaks out and starts to madly backpedal as soon as I turn around.

People have actually had arguments about my gender while I was standing right there in front of them! It was very funny!

I've never cosplayed a female character, but my chest greatly limits the kind of male cosplays I can do because binding only takes me from a DD to a high B or C. Layers take care of the rest, leading to me cosplaying men who wear heavier clothes or jackets.
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