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A quick list? Could it be in Thai?
Don't worry ka, some of them are English.
At least you'll know the name of the con and the date.
There're tons of con here in Thailand, almost every weekend.
So don't worry at all, you can come anytime, you'll be at some con.
Don't ask about the popular con, you'll see every cons the most wonderful con.
Each con has its own characteristics.
Which means there're no popular con here,
it's just the cons everyone can join and have fun, that's it.

try this,..

It's the most famous cosplay site in Thailand.
But the update is month-to-month only.
So you'll have to wait for next year's schedule in Nov or Dec.

See you next year then. Feel free to ask me if you have any interest.

Bring those Seth costume with you !!!!!!! My sister will love it, she's about to make one ^^
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