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Originally Posted by Lucifer View Post
I even had an confrontation with a cardboard gundam's friends who felt a need to verbally insult all seamstresses in a costume contest line, and state that no 'girl' could ever do what their friend did (make a gundam out of cardboard).
What...the HELL? None of them are up on my photo gallery yet (gotta debut them first) but I'd have to say that I've done some pretty damn good-looking props and armored costumes, all by myself, and I'm a girl.

GRR! Sorry, I'm not technically a raging feminist but...well I'm an IT major, I deal with a male-dominated environment every day at school and spend most of my time proving I can measure up to them...guess that touched a nerve. ><;;

So my peeve? I'd say sexism at cons...most obviously the need for people to hit on me regardless of what costume I'm wearing. Covered neck to toe in a crossplay that admittedly doesn't make me look masculine, but does minimize any curves or indication that I'm female, and still I have guys throwing lines at me. *sighs*

I never have to deal with that sort of attention in my everyday life, why is it the boys at conventions feel the need to try out their bad pickup lines on me at conventions?
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