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Ugh. I HATE when the mediocre cardboard Gundam cosplayers insult well-sewn, embroidered, painted or otherwise not armor costumes. Being able to make a cardboard Gundam does not make you better than someone who is able to make a fully-lined, fully hemmed and finished Rose of Versailles gown.

People like that really irk me. On the other hand, being able to make said RoV gown does not make you better or worse than a well-made Gundam.

Different people have different strengths. One may be able to pull off a Gundam but can't sew to save their life, and the one who can sew like the most professional seamstress may not be able to style a wig better than a blind three-year-old. I've seen it. Not being able to do one thing isn't going to make you better or worse than any other cosplayer. We all have our weaknesses.
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