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Originally Posted by Fire Lily View Post
And you smacked both of them upside the head, right? People who insult people out of ignorance is one thing, but insulting someone based on sexism or elitism is just wrong. But then again, those people shouldn't even merit your attention...they're just envious or oblivious.
Yeah, unfortunately one can't change another's tune, even if reality shows otherwise. The Gundam (and his friends) even stated during a previous con that they lost because the judges were girls (myself being one of those judges), so I had a joyous time in line with them on that second go round (ironically, myself taking home BOS in -that- contest).

I just think people should show more respect to all forms of sewing. From a Trinity Blood costume with insane detailing, to someone who makes a costume that most would have just bought instead (i.e. suits, jackets, etc).
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