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Originally Posted by Lucifer View Post
My personal pet peeve regarding cosplay: Being talked down to in regards to your own costumes, usually by people who can't sew a straight line.

I had a 'friend' once tell me a costume I wanted to do was 'simple and basic', to which I had to ask if we were looking at the same costume at all. I even had an confrontation with a cardboard gundam's friends who felt a need to verbally insult all seamstresses in a costume contest line, and state that no 'girl' could ever do what their friend did (make a gundam out of cardboard).
I find the cardboard gundam comment really funny. I'm a girl, and I've made four mecha costumes (one with my bf) and I didn't need to touch cardboard to do any of them... One even had working breast missiles...
Not to mention one of the coolest Transformers costumes I've ever seen on line was made by some female cosplayer out in Texas a few years ago. Starscream never looked so awesome! You couldn't tell the gender at all!
And a husband/wife pair I know made a sweet looking GaoGaiGar costume that totally rocked! And that's one huge giant robot...
So any time someone makes comments like that, I can point and laugh at their ignorance. There's plenty of female mech costumers out there and having just as much fun with it.
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