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Originally Posted by Lucifer View Post
Yeah, unfortunately one can't change another's tune, even if reality shows otherwise. The Gundam (and his friends) even stated during a previous con that they lost because the judges were girls (myself being one of those judges), so I had a joyous time in line with them on that second go round (ironically, myself taking home BOS in -that- contest).

I just think people should show more respect to all forms of sewing. From a Trinity Blood costume with insane detailing, to someone who makes a costume that most would have just bought instead (i.e. suits, jackets, etc).

Well, rest well knowing those butt heads probably won't ever end up with a good, worthwhile girlfriend. At least I don't know any self-respecting girl who'd put up with a douche like that. *Shakes head.*

The only time I have anything against judges is when the judges have no idea how to sew, or do cosplay in the least. You don't have to be a chef to know what tastes like shit, but when it comes to cosplay, there are just certain things you CANNOT respect how hard they were unless you're a cosplayer who's been around the block a few times yourself. Whereas a seasoned batch of judges may say "Wow, I can't believe how well you fitted that!" or "I can't believe you even fully lined it!", the less-experienced judges are giving me things like, "Oh, wow, you look exactly like the picture!" "You even pose like the picture!" Excuse me? I thought that the CRAFTSMANSHIP judging had to do with my CRAFTSMANSHIP, not how much I pose like the picture. The experienced judges are asking how I'm figuring out patterns, how I'm keeping odd or "floating" pieces stable or balanced. The less experienced ones are asking me questions like, "Why did you pick that character?" Why does it matter why I picked this character? Are you going to give someone who says, "I love this design and character" more points than someone who, says, say "Oh, I really just wanted something to make and happened to stumble across this picture..."

Needless to say, the inexperienced judges gave away at least one award to a costume that the cosplayer did NOT even make themself! This is why you're supposed to ask HOW it was made, not WHY the cosplayer wanted to make it.

So, in short, my peeve is inexperienced judges. I can understand that cons may be hard-up to get someone to give up their entire Saturday (And in some cases, Friday and Saturday) to judge the cosplay competition, but when awards start getting handed out to things that were made by someone else or even *gasp* store bought, that's just ridiculous.
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