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Name of Commissioner: CuteKawaii (Cygne Noir)
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Aeris Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII (dress, jacket, and accessories) and Eiko Carol from Final Fantasy IX (All but gloves and shoes)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item : (( On the last page, there are pictures of Eiko))
Timeline (how long your order took to process): The ordering itsself took a few days. The complete process was done with in a few months. Very fast and nice I would say!
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.:
Pros: Aeris - The costumes are absolutely gorgeous! The dress fit my form beautifully! She even told me it would look nice on curves...she couldn't have been more right! That jacet is absolutely precious...the shoulders are so nice and it kist looks fantastic and has working pockets! I put the hair bow, materia accessories and neck ribbon in them for storage. She even put a built in bra in the dress. I absolutely adore his costume. I have worn it so many times!

Eiko - It's so cute! The wings are my favorite part! They came out so pretty! My litle sister is very fond of the large hair bow. The whole costume is just adorable and looks so cute on my little sister. She was so thrilled to get the costume!

Cons: Aeris - The arm cuffs were a bit too big for my hands and were a bit itchy. I made my own, so it wasn't a huge deal. I didn't mind. The cuffs on the jacket are begning to fall apart...but..that's nothing a little hot glue can't fix.

Eiko - The gloves weren't finished, but...she did inform me and I agreed. Not a huge con. haha. The wings were hard to get straight on her back. They would tip a little.

Comments: She was absolutely fantastic. She was fast, and responsive. She kept me updated with progress and how she was doing and any additions or things she could do with the costume. The overall pricing reasonable as well! She was also very very nice to me durring the whole process. I remember changing a few things a couple times with payments and such, and she was very nice and flexible with the procress. Definatly a delight!! I'm so please with the results!

Final Grade: A+ for sure!

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