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Originally Posted by BlueCosplayAnge View Post
Sweetheart, if your costume was so horribly inaccurate, then why are you flauntingly wearing it in the majority of your pictures? If it was that horribly inaccurate, you wouldn't've been able to wear it now, would you? Not only that, but you never contacted me about that when you received the costume, and also you never mentioned in your post that I also gave you quite a large refund to make up for any delays on my part.
Being condescending toward dissatisfied customers is probably not the best way to rebuild a reputation from what they're saying. :/ Even if what you said about the commission was true, I now wouldn't ever commission from you just based on the way you're treating her when she obviously felt your work was lacking. Professionalism would've taken the situation in a better direction than sarcastic terms of affection and accusations.
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