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Originally Posted by fatalinjection View Post
Because when I got it, I had one night to fix it, and the majority ended up having to be with hot glue, sweetheart, since I am not a seamstress whatsoever. It's also why I'm currently getting it remade, by a commissioner who has just been lovely so far. If you REALLY want me to post the pictures of what it looked like before I altered it, I certainly can, but I don't know if you want to damage your reputation even further. They are on my hard drive at home if you'd like me to, however, just say the word.

Quite large refund? You gave me $60 and said it was for all of the labor costs. I highly doubt the materials cost $80. And I didn't have TIME to contact you about how innacurate it was, it arrived the day before my con. I had no other choice other than to try to fix it myself and still wear it.
I think it would be in the best interest to post the before photographs. I also would update your review with all the post. Her replies are uncalled for and very unprofessional and should be added to the review just so people can be informed.

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