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Since I just got my shipment from the sale, and was having fun playing with my new toys:

Rony, in 30
Played with the part a little bit (I'm glad it's parted on the proper side already, because I don't think it'll take a different part well), brushed it out, otherwise this is it straight out of the bag.

Linda XL, in 24/613
Again, played with the part and brushed it out. The color is gorgeous, and there is SO MUCH HAIR on this.

Ashley 750, in 613
Parted and brushed, though not very well - there's a nasty tangle in the ends on one side that's going to take some serious un-knotting, and in the meantime it ended up a little fluffy from all my fingering. The part, though, is amazing - I don't think I'm going to even need anything to hold the part where it needs to be, since I just brushed it over to the side and it stayed there. And again, impressed by how much hair is on this wig.
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