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Hey all! Just jumping in...

I have fallen in LOVE with Code Geass. From episode one I knew I had to do a CC cosplay! (not like she appears too much for a while after that...) That crazy straightjacket thing is too awesome. That said... I need help! First off, I need reference pictures. I've gone over to and snagged as many preview-sized CCs as I can find, which is all well and good, but not many of the pictures show the entire outfit, and none of them really show how it ... well, works. So if anyone knows where I can find concept art... please help?

The second thing I need opinions on is the material. The material is slightly form fitting but still appears to be stiff, so evil evil stretchy material seems to be out (thank heavens.) What would you suggest? I want something strong, ESPECIALLY if I'm correct in assuming that those are two full length zippers from shoulders to feet.

I'd love to have this done for Anime USA, but I really need to STOP and think about finances. ;-;
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