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Fan Plus Friend

EDIT: Eeeehhh?? For some reason, when I wrote 'Fan Plus Friend', it changed into 'LUMBERJACKED!', what in the world?! I don't know what's up with that, but I at least changed it back in this post (but the title still seems weird). Anybody know what's up with that?

I've read lots of off-hand comments in numerous threads that Fan Plus Friend is a pretty good store to buy from, but since my parents really don't trust the internet very much, I was hoping that I could scrap up some more in-depth info/reviews for the shop before I bothered my parents to let me buy from there (yeah, can't even use my own money for stuff if they don't like/trust it :sigh: ). So, let the questioning begin!:

How is the service, in general? How long does it typically take to get your package (I live in US)? Problems with shipping/receiving items? No mistakes?

How is the quality? How about as compared to typical brand-name?

Are the sizes and custom-fits accurate/do they fit you? How often do they have sizing problems in orders (from what you've heard/personal experience)?

If I'm afraid of sizing problems, is there anything I could do that might help? Would buying items that are slightly/a size bigger than my body size possibly help (too big seems better than too small), or would it just not look good if the items aren't form-fitting enough?

I heard that the petticoats are questionable, at least in terms of comfort. I was considering buying at In the Starlight instead, whose petticoats I've heard good things about. Should I?

I'm mostly afraid of wrong sizing, because there's nothing that can predict that %100, and I'd still have to pay for the shipping/handling back if I wanted it fixed (which I think is totally bogus if it's 'their bad', but I think that may be typical of online clothing stores, so I guess I can't get too irate >.o ) .

Anything else concerning their clothes, how you liked it or their fashions or anything like that, are totally welcome too!! Thank you for the people who answer this,

<3 ali

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