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Originally Posted by Raenef View Post
Yay! Poor Zelkova doesn't get enough cosplay love. (Everyone loves Haseo!) maybe his shoes. Silly stilt-like geta-like sandal thingys... >.>;;

I finished drawing the design on his sash. ^^ Now I have another sash to draw on for the flap. =0=;; *dies*
I heart the design! Good luck with Zelkova (Haseo's a pimp, that's why everyone loves him >3>)
In progress:
Ventus [Kingdom Hearts] 10% what are keyblades hhhhhhh
Namine [Kingdom Hearts] 50% this dress is bullocks
Edward [Fullmetal Alchemist] 90% curse you automail >(

What, recently? YOU SILLY HAHAHA
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