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The circlet is nearly done I have to add a couple small details, paint the dots gold and antique the whole thing but here's the pics as I made it. Sorry about the pic quality on some of these I took some with my phone and some with my camera.
Here's the pattern
and the sketch on the wonderflex, I bonded them together then cut out another piece exactly the same but cut out a triangle in the middle but I didn't bother with a pic of that.
This is after
I bent it to shape and with the new center piece attached.
This is after
a lot of sanding and a couple coats of Gesso. I sanded it with a power sander before I ever cut it out which saved time but their was still a lot of elbow work. I chose Gesso to smooth it out rather then my usual primer because it was easier to control and the primer I use is high build and I wasn't going to go buy a can of regular primer for one little prop. btw anyone who may be thinking of making it this way be sure to cover the wonderflex in a plastic primer before you start applying gesso, it helps it stick.
This is after several coats of Rub and Buff and acrylic floor paint. The brown dots are the fabric paint which still need sanding and a coat of rub and buff. I'll post more pics when I'm finished with it.

I ordered my belt, a 3 in wide sucker so it should be here in a week or so then I'll get on with the belt. Until then I still need to get the actual outfit together. -_-"
Does anyone have any good pics of her shoes? It looks like she's wearing tabi socks with a dare I say a 'leg warmer' over them?
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