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Originally Posted by *Shiva* View Post
Okay, from looking at your gallery and costume list, it looks to me like you've done about 90% of it correctly.

You made a gallery for your Yuffie costume with two pictures of your Yuffie costume in it:

And you successfully made a costume entry which shows up in a costume search if you enter yuffie in the costume search box.

The only thing I can think of that isn't showing up is the Yuffie pics from your gallery don't appear in your Yuffie costume entry. That is because you need to associate the galleries. Just go to your go to album admin and edit the Yuffie album by clicking the numbered button to the left of the gallery title. Under the "costume association" dropdown menu, choose the Yuffie costume. You may also want to rename the gallery to just Yuffie so you can put future pics in there that aren't from AB, but that's up to you.

Hope that helps!
So sorry for asking this, I confused at bold part (clicking the numbered button to the left of the gallery title).
I'm stuck to find out where is the button. Would U be so kind to make a circle at my screnshot to find out where the edit button is. Sorry... my English is bad so maybe I misunderstanding something

Thx a lot

Maybe I'm not pretty, but I like to cosplay as long as I'm happy
I can't speak English well. But I hope U can understand me

Cosplay List:

Pending project Because of my Pregnancy [Cloth DONE]:
*Sugarl-Defence Devil
*Tachibana Senzo Female Version-RKRN
*Chrocel - Magna Carta 2
*Syoshi Sensei - RKRN

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