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Originally Posted by Devi 1313 View Post
You're going to cosplay as Lucy too?
After seeing this AWESOME tutorial, I think it'd work pretty well lol... so yea, I think I will.

It's Lucy, or a Shinigami from Bleach. Still trying to decide.

::Edit:: FeatherWeight! I must ask. Do you make ALL your props from cardboard and Bondo? It's amazing -- and perfect! Lightweight, but looks rediculously amazing. You are a GOD.

Originally Posted by Devi 1313 View Post
Oooh, I'll definately be using this to make my Lucy helmet! What painting techniques did you use on your Dr. Doom mask?
Ohhh Devi -- I see. You see, I didn't see your post before (whew, that's a lot of sees)... lol. Now I do. So yea, I guess I will be doing Lucy along with you hehehe... we'll have to compare notes if you will

I'm going to do episode one lucy, where she's wearing the white straight jacket and helmet.

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