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Originally Posted by sweet_magic_01 View Post
I was thinking about making a ".hack//series cosplay" thread, but I guess there's no need for one if everyone just replies here about any .hack related cosplay. ^_^

Right now, I'm torn between starting on Atoli or Kuhn first. Kuhn's hair terrifies me in regards to wig styling so I'll most likely start on Atoli first.

Shiya: You did a wonderful job on your Shino! You have to tell me how you made your hat and weapon. x3

Thank you!! ^^ I love Shino soso much hehe. If things work out, I'll be wearing her this weekend. I can't wait.
I will have to PM you this little Shino hat tutorial I made as soon as I go back home. xD I've been asked so much how I've made my hat, so I made it for future ref. :33 And my staff too.
I wish my boyfriend would cosplay Xth form with me, but he's so busy with college and work now, it would be really difficult for him to. He did a 2nd form for AX, but I think it was the worst time to wear it. It was too hot. :[
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