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Originally Posted by lemoned View Post
They don't really establish that and they're close enough to be brothers. Beat calls him Nii-san/chan/whatever that moonspeak is.

All I was saying is that it's stupid to make a costume from something that you know nothing about. Something that you can't see from every angle to get details right.

And good for you. Want a cookie? At least you're not doing it for attention.
One of the foremost reasonings for anyone to cosplay a design is because of the LOVE of the DESIGN. A characters personality usually won't factor in so heavily. If they appreciate the design and wish to recreate it, they are not doing something stupid but rather following their inspiration. If anything, it is stupid to hold such a personal standard to them.

Now, if they were begging for reference shots and refused to play the game in order to obtain them...that would be different. But this is not the case, this is you nagging on people for cosplaying for different reasons than yourself.
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