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Originally Posted by DawnYuuki View Post
Alright! Tales cosplayers!

This may have been asked already, but I didn't really bother to go through all of the posts *is lazy*; is anyone here going to Oni-con in Houston, TX?

Seriously, I keep hearing of all of these Tales gatherings, but they're some four or five states away, or on dates that I'm already busy. I'ts depressing.

Anyway, though quite the newb (I comission my cosplay. Again, lazy.) I cosplay both Arche (ToP) and Luke (ToA). Don't ask how that works personality and looks wise, it just does. <.< >.>

I do have one question: I actually wanted to dye my hair (which is naturally a medium brown) Luke's color for Oni-con. I know of some decent temporary dye that I've used for the red color before, but I'm stumped on that whole gradiant/fade to peachy yellow thing that it does. Any ideas that won't damange my hair terribly (I've sortof vain...)?
I really should try to go to more Texas cons, it's not extreeeemely far for me (no where near as far as Marlyand at least!) But I don't think I am this year. D:

Hmm, well for the hair you could try asking about it in the hair/makeup forums. I don't know too much about temporary hair dye, the folks over there might be able to help with that. :>

Okay, so I started my friends' Tear and Dist outfits, and oh man. ...That was something. XD; Seriously, what was Dist thinking? I can imagine him just hunched over his desk sewing that crazy flower collar himself, because no stylist in their right mind would make something so against the laws of physics. XD

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