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Originally Posted by ChibiTifa05 View Post
Yeah, I know I'm late posting in this thread. >< Due to the persistent urging of certain...people....I will be joining a crazy Tales of Legendia group as Chloe for Otakon 2008, along with Meredy from Tales of Eternia. Meredy will be done for Katsucon 2008, but I have to bring her back since we will most likely have all the main characters from Eternia at Otakon. Anise from Abyss will probably be done for Katsucon as well, but not her default outfit. Most likely it will be that battle outfit that you can get for her. ^^;
Heck yeah Tales of Legendia! XD If only you could come to Fanime, my friends are doing Shirley, Grune, and maybe Jay too. *u*

Originally Posted by ChibiInuBaka View Post
Yay!! That is so awesome!!! Genis and Yggdrasil are so awesome!! ^^ i cant wait to see either one of them xD hehe, i think 08 will be a good year, yes >D
And I can't wait to see your Presea! Yes, I think it will be too! Most definitely :>

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