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Originally Posted by Demosthenes View Post
Shouts : "KYYYYRRRIIIEEEEEE" *anguished look*
...... *grins* ok, now I HAVE to make her #2 on the list, I have a D. Greyman group for ALA....but I should be able to START Kyrie at least...maybe I can have her done???? dang it, I'm already behind on school work. oh well, for Devil May Cry!!! <3

Originally Posted by Demosthenes View Post
Off topic but : Ironically, we (as in our school choir) Just sang a song entitled, "Kyrie" and apparently Kyrie meant "God". So does that mean that there is more to Kyrie (as in the character) then we think? Possible....
lol, I'm in choir...but I'm an Alto XD
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