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Originally Posted by Link_Harkanian View Post
As as a note, contrary to what most people say, his coat is PURPLE, not blue. It's a deep purple, I have done color comparisons. Vergil wears blue, Dante red, and Nero wears a red vest, blue pants, and a deep purple coat. Which is part of the reason for a theory I have on why Nero looks the way he does, and for the Devil Bringer, since only one other character wears purple in DMC; Sparda himself.

And with all the DMC4age going around, it sucks we're probably not all in the same area for a con. Getting this little groupe together would be awesome.
Ooooooooooooo, interesting.... I want to know more!

And a group would be AMAZING and Epic. I'll be at ALA this year...maybe AX for a day.....
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