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Originally Posted by Link_Harkanian View Post
The glowing areas are blue. They were, I believe, but it got changed to blue since blue stands out more against the orange of the bulk of the arm.

As as a note, contrary to what most people say, his coat is PURPLE, not blue. It's a deep purple, I have done color comparisons. Vergil wears blue, Dante red, and Nero wears a red vest, blue pants, and a deep purple coat. Which is part of the reason for a theory I have on why Nero looks the way he does, and for the Devil Bringer, since only one other character wears purple in DMC; Sparda himself.

And with all the DMC4age going around, it sucks we're probably not all in the same area for a con. Getting this little groupe together would be awesome.

Once again, thanks for the info.

That's an interesting theory you got there. '___' Its like Nero wears colours which made up the Sparda line. So the question now is, IS Nero part of the Sparda line or not? Damn the Japanese and keeping tight-lipped about this -__-

Yeah, It'll be great if all of us were to be in the same con D= I'm halfway across the world from you guys mind you, at least you guys are still in the same country! 8D Nevertheless, maybe one day, someone will figure out an ingenious method of bringing people together, holographic mock battles anyone? XD
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