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Originally Posted by Demosthenes View Post
Bass for me XD

I know, I know. Yaoi- Fangirls scare me a lot '_____' and I can never get them. Mind you I was horrified, trawling through the internet one day, to find communities supporting :Horror oh Horror: VergilxDante pairings *shudders* << The Newest Devil May Cry 4 trailer. Plenty of Kyrie screentime in it, maybe you could freeze the frames of the video and screen cap pictures of her?

And if anyone's interested in doing the Order members, I found links on the symbols on some of the Order's members clothes, (including Nero and Kyrie)
You are random cosplay hero of the day. And I don;t think I have the program needed to get screen caps on my computer... O.o;; maybe I do?? XD I have no idea to be honest
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