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Originally Posted by Karisu-sama View Post
If there are other cons and events that perhaps would benefit from having their own forums, please direct your suggestions to Admin. Thank you.
DONE. About a MONTH ago. (See date of my last post here. Contacted him over a month ago.) Poor guy has GOT to have a packed inbox by now.

I have gotten very little response via PM's to administators/Mods on this site. Heck, Karisu, I sent YOU a PM back in August (I believe) explaining in detail a subforum that I thought would be of use to this site, and I have not heard anything regarding this as of yet. Not even a response of "Got your PM. Will suggest to Admin" or whatnot.

I would think that a site as large and as reputable as would have a more efficient way of reporting issues/suggestions than it's current protocol. Perhaps this is something that could be implemented in the future. It would certainly cut back on the amount of times you guys have to spend posting "try to PM Admin" in response to situations suich as these. (Better response time for us, less work and needless posts for the Mods-- everyone benefits in the long run.)
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