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I've been wondering when an Eternal Sonata thread would finally show up. This is a game I've wanted to cosplay since it was announced last year or so.
I too, feel the desire to make every single one. All hail Eternal Sonata/Trusty Bell/Chopin nonsense.
So true, all the designs are gorgeous. I'd love to make all the outfits as well, but I think I'll probably end up making Chopin, Polka, and Allegro in the distant future.
This particular game happens to be costume design aspect as I have no desire to buy an XBox360 to play a single game, nor the money to throw around like that XD I have no problem admitting to people who inquire/ask me game related things that I haven't played the game.
My two cents: Chibik3r0, I agree with you almost entirely. As long as you spend the time to research the character and design properly it shouldn't matter much. Many of us cosplay for the design aspect first and character second. (As for not getting the system, I actually did consider getting an X-Box 360 just to play this game; anything with Chopin in it requires much love.)

Everyone who is currently working on a cosplay, please post pictures; I'd love to see them^_^
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