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Originally Posted by SvK View Post
Whoa, Strider2418, are you sure we're not the same person? I've got a Scout costume and wish I could find 8 other people to complete the team.
(I'm on the right)

EDIT: NO! You're a lousy Red! Blue is best!
MakioTwist: A third Scout? Amazing! I think he's popular because he wears real clothes and has an easily obtainable weapon.
lol ya i want to do a pyro but i dont have the time, money, or space and i play scout ALOT so it fits... right now i am red but i might end up going blue... all i need to change is the color of my shirt

AND HOLY SHIT where did you get the headset!! it is perfect and i must know!...

Originally Posted by Leadmill View Post
Head set looks like a regular Headphone/mic rig you can get from radioshack. The trousers look like regular dark coloured pants but tucked in the socks. You need some white fingerless gloves and you need a black belt with a plain silver metallic buckle.
it actually looks like his hands are just taped up so i am going to use white athletic tape to do that and i have plenty of that already, im sure i can find the belt and buckle at the mall or something right now i really only need to find:
pants that fit the role good
a military style hat that i can get by saturday
and shoes like that (would be easy if i didnt wear a size 15 )

and on another note i got some of the costume today!

i found:
white soccer socks
a small baseball bat (just need to spray paint over the logos silver)
a red T shirt (might need a blue one now )
and i have an all black belt but i dont have a silver belt buckle yet

so i would say i am about 35% on this costume right now...

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