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Originally Posted by SvK View Post
Your pants will be falling down all the time. Fortunately, it's the pant legs that fall down, which is less embarrassing than the alternative. I couldn't run and keep my socks up, which is really lame for a Scout.
got this covered already i have white soccer socks they wont come down ven if i wanted them too lol, the pants on the other hand... it looks like i am gonna go with a dark grey which means ill be using a pair of sweats i have and i dont think they will fall down much either i have pretty big calves (basketball player) and that hsould help hold the pants up. got the top covered also because if i am gonan use these pants then i am going to make a few small cuts to create "belt loops" and ill be wearing a belt with them.

hmm looks like i need to make a stop at Ross, goodwill, and some army surplus type stores to solve my headset deficiency.
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