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I just made my first F+F order. To be honest I like the dress ^_^ but I felt the information they put on the site could be alittle more detailed. I ordered my dress in september and it came this monday >_>;;;; so the event I needed the dress for passed.

If you plan to order from them make sure you order within enough time before you need it.
The quality is good. Everything is handmade so I noticed a few of the stiches look like something my sewing machine would do which sucks TT^TT; And its long @__@;; it said: Standard lenght: Knee lenght so I figured it would touch my knees and sorta goes past it..hopefully a petticoat would help that out?

Still debating if I will order from them again. I might just take my chances and make the rest of my dresses.

Also some of the lace is creme O_o; I ordered pink with white lace and some of the lace above the white is creme O_O didn't know that.

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