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Originally Posted by ravenmist View Post
Ok, so I've started buying fabric for Falsetto (yes, I'm going her). Now, from playing the game and seeing still shots I'm having a problem with color. Is all the detailing gold or white? On the one picture I had it looks white, so I bought white ribbon, lace and such. Now that I found a second picture it looks gold. I'm so confused.
Here's the links to the pictures I have...
Falsetto 1

Falsetto 2

Any input would be great. I just can't tell if the colors are right. I'll probably stick to white since I already got the stuff for it, but I want to know which color is right. Ugh. My poor eyes are confused. lol.
The first picture you have is the concept art. The second is the actual in-game art. For colors, you could go with the second one, and use the first one to help figure out details (it shows lines better)
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