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Milisande: *-* I have no idea lol I've been looking at the pictures over and over and I still can't figure it out...The only thing I can think of is to have some sort of hooks or hangers that fit into the holes cut out in the swords; that way the swords would just "hang" on your back like they do in the game. I might do something like that for mine for Ohayocon.

On another note, I finished my Nariko and my friend's Kai xD :

I have to fix a lot for our next con. I don't really like how my sword turned out, I mean it's OK, but it's not anything like I wanted it to be. The damn separating mechanism gave me so much trouble ... but I am definitely remaking it and I have 2 1/2 monthes to figure it out xD and HP seems pretty excited that I'm going to make her a crossboxw xD

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