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TR Rose: I think you'd make a very cute RanRan (Marl Oukoku 2), but perhaps that is a bit too obscure? Okay, it's way to obscure. Some of the other characters from that game have very puffy dresses. You also remind me of Virginia (Wild Arms 3). Oh, wait! [url=]Plua the Mana of Darkness (Atelier Iris series)[url]! Sorry, that's the best picture I could find...

Tamarah: You're adorable! XD Ehm... Reala (Tales of Destiny 2)? Or Miyuki! (Xenosaga) Or... Tia (Stella Deus) should be fun!

... Okay, I kinda doubt I'm being helpful here (I love obscure RPGs a bit too much), but at least my recommendations are original? XD
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